The Urania Trust was founded as an educational charity on the 9th November 1970 to further the advancement of education regarding the relationship between man's knowledge and beliefs about the heavens and every aspect of art science, philosophy and religion. Our founding trustees were highly esteemed astrologers: James Russell, Ada Phillips, Charles Harvey, John Addey and Tom Fripp.    Read more about The Urania Trust...

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Liz Greene (1946- )

Charismatic lecturer and prolific writer, at the forefront of the development of Psychological Astrology. In 1976 the publication of Liz’s second book Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil immediately made Liz into a celebrity star in the astrological community.

Unique Study Links Venus to Romantic Choices

Astrologer Paul Westran has a tested theory about relationships. His eight-year study of 1,300 couples examining the correlations between planetary alignments and real events produced some surprising results.

Comets in Astrology

Comet Neowise has been big news in 2020! With an astrological and scientific history that goes back millennia, there are many possible meanings for these celestial visitors.