The aim of the Urania Trust is:

To further the advancement of education by the teaching of the relationship between man’s knowledge of beliefs about the heavens and every aspect of his art, science, philosophy and religion.

In pursuit of this aim the Urania Trust offers grants to individuals and groups working in this area of interest, towards the costs of publication, research or other costs.

Grant applications are considered twice a year by the trustees, normally in April and October each year.

To Apply for a Grant

If you would like to submit an application, please email your application to the trustees giving full details of your request, including the amount of grant that you are asking for and the total cost of your project. Please note that the Urania Trust cannot give grants towards travel or accommodation costs.

You will be notified if your application is successful immediately after the trustees meeting at which it is considered.

Applications may be sent to:

The annual grant budget for the trust is limited and there may not be sufficient funds available to support all the applications that the trustees would like to support.

Examples of Successful Grant Applications

View a list of recently awarded grants.