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Diagram of Gauquelin zones

A novel study by Prof. Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch, sought to test the work of Michel Gauquelin by determining whether the behavior of 500 pedigreed puppies from 100 different litters would measurably correlate to rising or culminating planets in their birth charts.

Saint Peter's Basilica: dome detail

Astrology may not come to mind immediately for the millions of visitors who take in the spectacle of Saint Peter's Basilica each year, but construction of the church was in fact begun on a certain date and at a precise time chosen for its astrological significance.

timelapse night stars

Astrology charts are now calculated with the convenience of a computer, but this only shows us 2 of the 3 dimensions. The chart can look very different when we take into account declination, latitude, right ascension, true-body aspects and other 3-dimensional factors.

Financial Astrology in the 20th Century

Much has been published about financial markets and astrology over the last 100 years. This article focuses on selective themes and results that were important both for our understanding of financial astrology and for our practise of astrology generally.


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