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Chart of the Urania Trust
The Urania Trust was founded as an educational charity at midnight on the morning of 9th November, 1970 in London by deed of trust. This is one version of the "chart of that moment."
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The founding trustees were James Russell, Ada Phillips, Charles Harvey, John Addey and Tom Fripp.

john addey bio

John Addey
(1920 – 1982)

charles harvey bio

Charles Harvey
(1940 – 2000)

The aim of the trust, as set out in its trust deed, is “to further the advancement of education by the teaching of the relationship between main’s knowledge of, beliefs about, the heavens and every aspect of his art science philosophy and religion.”

Throughout human history men and women have been absorbed in exploring and trying to understand the relationship between each individual and the whole of creation. This quest can be approached through the gateways of religious mysticism, theoretical physics, astrology, art, astronomy, transpersonal psychology, philosophy, sacred geometry, gaia theory etc.

Here is one voice from the world of mysticism, trying to find language to express the experience of deep connection to the whole of creation –

Suddenly, without any warning, at any time or place, with no apparent cause, it can happen.

All at once I found myself wrapped in a flame-coloured cloud. For an instant I thought of fire, an immense conflagration somewhere close by in that great city; the next, I knew that the fire was within myself. Directly afterwards there came upon me a sense of exultation, of immense joyousness accompanied or immediately followed by an intellectual illumination impossible to describe. Among other things, I did not merely come to believe, but I saw that the universe is not composed of dead matter, but is, on the contrary, a living Presence; I became conscious in myself of eternal life. It was not a conviction that I would have eternal life, but a consciousness that I possessed eternal life then; I saw that all men are immortal; that the cosmic order is such that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all; that the foundation principle of the world, of all the words, is what we call love, and that the happiness of each and all is in the long run absolutely certain.

No matter which road is followed the same deepest questions must be faced – How is my life affected by Creation? How does my life in turn affect Creation?

At present the Urania Trust seeks to fulfil its purpose by offering its support through grants to individuals and organizations for publishing, translation, research and other work within this area of interest.


Recent Grants made by the Urania Trust



Kenneth Irving and Suitbert Ertel towards the costs of publishing a series of monographs based on a selection of Professor Ertel’s articles on Michel Gauquelin’s research on planetary effects.

The Alexandria iBase project as a contribution towards the development of the project.

Martin Gansten towards research costs of Sanskrit materials held by the Welcome Foundation in London.



Dr Vittoria Feola towards the publication costs of 'Antiquarianism & Science in Early Modern Urban Networks'.

Rebekah Hirsch towards the publication of 'Astrology & the 5 Character Types'.

The Astrological Lodge of London towards publishing a book setting out the history of the Lodge in honour of its centenary.


Barbara Dunn towards the costs of taking an MA course in Early Modern History at Exeter University.

Kepler College, Washington State, USA to maintain their subscription to Early English Books Online for five years.

The Astrology News Service towards the publication costs of 'Astrology Considered'.



Angela Voss and the University of Kent in support of their MA course in 'Myth, Cosmology & the Sacred'.


The Prometheus Trust towards the publication costs of 'The Chaldean Oracles'.



Ronnie Dreyer - towards her research costs while completing her MA thesis at Columbia University based on translating a 4th century Sanskrit text.


Benjamin Dykes of the Cazimi Press, Minneapolis - towards the cost of intensive language training in Arabic to make possible the translation and publication of Arabic texts that would not otherwise be available.

Lisa Mendes - towards the cost of editing and publishing her dissertation 'The Midnight Sun - in search of Astrology's dark roots'.



Paul Wright – towards the costs of publishing a second edition of The Literary Zodiac.

Nicholas Campion & Darrelyn Gunzburg – towards the costs of organising a conference at Bristol university in October 2011 entitled Heavenly Discourses.

Jane Ridder-Patrick – towards her research expenses in connection with her PhD thesis, on the academic study of astrology at Scottish universities from 1560-1708.



Patrick Curry – towards editing costs on Divination: Perspectives for a New Millenium


Nicholas Campion – Towards the accommodation and travel costs of international speakers at the Sophia Centre conference to be held at the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Assocation, Bath in July 2010.

The Prometheus Trust – towards the costs of publishing two further volumes in their Platonic Texts and Translations series.

Jane Ridder-Patrick – Research costs in connection with her PhD thesis, on the academic study of astrology at Scottish universities from 1560-1708.



Barbara Dunn – towards the publishing costs of Horary Astrology Re-examined.

Paul Wright – towards the publishing costs of A Scottish Book of Charts.

Roberta DeDoming – towards the publishing costs of Gerry Goddard’s book Transpersonal Theory.


The Astrological Lodge (London) – assistance with the costs of holding their 25th annual History of Astrology seminar.



Angela Voss – towards the costs of the University of Kent conference Divination and Dialogue to be held in October 2007.

Nicholas Campion – towards the publication costs of an issue of Cosmos and Culture dealing with papers given at the Warburg Institute conference on ancient astrology held in February 2007.


Ruth Clydesdale – towards research costs on Hermes, the Soul’s companion and on Marcilio Ficino & Astrology in Renaissance Florence.

Damian Rocks – towards research and publishing costs on The influence of astrology upon the work of Pablo Picasso and his close associates.


The aim of the Urania Trust is:

To further the advancement of education by the teaching of the relationship between man’s knowledge of beliefs about the heavens and every aspect of his art, science, philosophy and religion.

In pursuit of this aim the Urania Trust offers grants to individuals and groups working in this area of interest, towards the costs of publication, research or other costs.

Grant applications are considered twice a year by the trustees, normally in April and October each year.

If you would like to submit an application, please email your application to the trustees giving full details of your request, including the amount of grant that you are asking for and the total cost of your project. You will be notified if your application is successful immediately after the trustees meeting at which it is considered.

Applications can be sent to:

The annual grant budget for the trust is limited and there may not be sufficient funds available to support all the applications that the trustees would like to support.

View a list of recent grants awarded.

Examples of Grant Applications

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